When it comes to rotary evaporation, vacuum control and adjustment is important so solvents do not boil, bump and then spill into the condenser flask. The most popular rotary evaporator vacuum pumps are in stock at Cascade Sciences.

To correctly select and size a vacuum pump for your application first determine what solvent you’re working with and then figure out what size evaporation flask you’re using. We’ve broken out our selection of pumps below based on solvents and then flask size. If you’re not sure what pump to get, ask one of our experts.

Vacuum Pumps Ideal for the Evaporation of Acetone, Ethanol, Chloroforms at 80°C

Flask Volume

Vacuum Pumps Ideal for the Evaporation of n-Propyl alcohol, heptane, water, toluene at 110°C

Flask Volume