The Cascade Difference

Basic vacuum ovens are mass-produced and sold by many large scale laboratory equipment distributors. There are key differences between Cascade and other less costly, often imported vacuum ovens:

Exceptional Temperature Control & Stability
Cascade uses a unique control logic not found in most lab grade vacuum ovens. The temperature probe is INSIDE the oven, which minimizes temperature overshoot and delivers best-in-class temperature stability.

• Independent Overtemp Failsafe Protection
• Digital Vacuum Gauge
• Equipped for Inert Gas Backfill. Built-In Safety Relief
• Flexible Pumping / Feedthru Connection Ports
• Ergonomically Designed, Easy Quarter-Turn Valves
• Door Gasket Options – Ideal For Your Process
• Rated Tempered Glass + USA Made Steel

NRTL Certification #U8 170464972 077. No Extra cost.
ISO Certified, USA Manufacturing Facility