Traps help prolong the life of your pump.

Which Trap Do I Need?

Passive Filter Trap

An easy and inexpensive way to filter out what your vacuum pump may ingest. Submerge it in an ice bucket for a cold trap effect. Clear glass shows what is being collected. The steel wool filter material can be cleaned and reused. 3/8th connection barbs.

Foreline Trap

Foreline Traps are recommended for use on oil rotary vane pumps to avoid vacuum pump oil from backstreaming up inside the oven, potentially contaminating the product inside.

Ice Trap

Ice cold traps are a great way to extend the time between vacuum oven rebuilds and oil changes. The stainless steel jar is set into a cold slurry mix of ice/ alcohol/ dry ice. The cold surface of the trap collects and attracts components that would otherwise be ingested by the vacuum pump.

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