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Cascade's vacuum ovens are the professional choice for drying temperature sensitive material. Unparalleled low temperature stability under vacuum. TUV Certified. Build your custom setup here choosing Cascade’s quality pumps, connection hardware and accessories. Start by selecting a vacuum oven below and then you can begin building your system!

Select Oven Size
  • Benchtop processing in the TVO-2B (2 cubic foot) or the TVO-5B (5 cubic foot) benchtop vacuum ovens.
  • Large scale low temp vacuum drying in the CVO-10 (10 cubic foot) vacuum ovens.
Vacuum Pumps From World Class Manufacturers
  • Clean, quiet powerful dry scroll pumps from Agilent
  • Acid & corrosion resistant dry scroll pumps from Edwards
  • Chemical duty diaphragm pumps from Welch
  • Rugged, economical rotary vane pumps from Agilent
Unique Selection Of Hardware Connections & Accessories
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