Vacuum Purge Equipment

Congratulations on selecting professional-grade, certified vacuum ovens, pumps, and accessories. Cascade’s American-made vacuum ovens and pumps are in stock and financing is available. Our complete selection is below. Should you have any questions, our experts are here to help you.


Cascade not only offers the best vacuum purge equipment available, We’ve done the work to put it all together for you. Our turnkey TWO, FIVE and TEN Vacuum Purge Packages contain everything you need in Cascade’s most popular vacuum oven + pump + connection configurations.


Create your own vacuum purge set up from our complete line of ovens, pumps, and accessories.


Take advantage of our vacuum drying expertise.  Call us at 503-847-9047 or visit our Hillsboro, Oregon showroom to see our complete line of vacuum drying/purging ovens.

  • Vacuum Pump Accessories

    Keep Pumps In Top Shape
    > Traps
    > Tubing
    > Pump Oil
    > Maintenance Kits

  • Vacuum Ovens

    Ideal for Temperature Sensitive Products
    > 2 , 5, 10 cubic ft.
    > TUV Certified
    > Made in USA
    > In Stock

  • Vacuum Oven Pumps

    Large Variety
    > Dry Scroll
    > Rotary Vane
    > Diaphragm
    > Agilent, Edwards, Welch
    > In Stock

  • Vacuum Oven Packages

    Complete Turnkey Systems
    > Most Popular Configs
    > Save Money
    > In Stock

  • Vacuum Oven Accessories

    Maximize Space
    > Extra Shelves

    > Door Gaskets

  • Special Deals

    Save Money
    > Scratch/Dent
    > Prototypes
    > Rental Returns

  • Connection Hardware

    Vacuum Rated
    > KF Hardware
    > Connection Kits
    > Manifolds
    > Tubing

  • Build Your System

    Customize A Vacuum System
    Complete Selection
    > Vacuum Ovens
    > Vacuum Pumps
    > Connections
    > Accessories

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