Diaphragm Pumps

Clean, Oil-Free Diaphragm pumps are the the workhorse of the research laboratory. PTFE Chemical resistant diaphragms stand up to aggressive compounds. Diaphragm pumps are used on vacuum ovens, rotary evaporators, winterization/filtration, short-path distillation, freeze dryers, glove boxes, etc. Maintenance: diaphragm replacements, pump rebuilds. Welch Diaphragm pumps are in stock at Cascade Sciences.

Corrosive Chemical Vapor Environments

Vacuum Ovens
  • 2 Cubic Ft: Welch CB2052B
  • 5 Cubic Ft: Welch CB2052B (gentle vacuum), Welch 2064B-01, 2070B-01, 2080B-01
  • 10 Cubic Ft: Welch 2080B-01

Short Path Distillation Systems

  • Welch 2070B-01
  • Welch 2080B-01

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