Vacuum Oven Pumps

The Right Vacuum Pump For Vacuum Ovens

The wrong pump and make vacuum drying inefficient, expensive and can even run the risk of contaminating your product. Cascade Sciences stocks a wide variety of vacuum pumps for many different applications including bioscience, aerospace and pharmaceutical industry requirements.

Vacuum Pumps In Stock

  • Rotary Vane – Popular in a wide range of industrial applications. Cost effective.  
  • Oil-Free Scroll – Popular in cleanrooms, bio-pharma, aerospace – contamination sensitive applications.
  • Diaphragm Pumps – Popular oil-free, chemical-duty pumps for general laboratory applications.
  • Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps
What Size?

Vacuum pumps have a pumping speed, typically listed in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or LPM (liters per minute).  If you have a 5 cubic foot vacuum oven, size a pump with a CFM of 2.5CFM to 10CFM for optimal sizing.  Bigger isn't always better,depending on what you are drying and how you connect the oven to the pump.

How Low Can It Go?

Vacuum pumps state an “ultimate pressure.” This is how deep of a vacuum the pump can pull down to.  It's important to realize that that rating can be less once the oven and lines are connected and the product inside your oven starts off-gassing.  All those factors can reduce the “ultimate pressure” rating of the pump.

What Can It Handle?

Specific pumps have better ability to handle large amounts of water, solvents, corrosives.  Ask Cascade which pumps are designed to handle the material coming off your product.

Need Help Selecting A Pump?  Large Production Facility?

We are here to help.  If you have a multiple system requirement or would like to have one of our application engineers help guide you, click here.

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  • Scroll Pumps

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  • Rotary Vane

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  • Diaphragm Pumps

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