Rotary Evaporation Pumps

When it comes to rotary evaporation, Vacuum control and adjustment is important so solvents do not boil, bump and then spill into the condenser flask. The most popular vacuum pumps used on rotary evaporators are in stock at Cascade Sciences.

Evaporation of Acetone, Ethanol, Chloroforms at 80C

Flask Volume
  • 1 Liter – Welch 2014B-01, 2025B-01
  • 2 Liter -Welch 2014B-01, 2025B-01
  • 10 Liter -Welch 2014B-01, 2025B-01
  • 20 Liter -Welch 2014B-01, 2025B-01

Evaporation of n-Propyl alchol, heptane, water, toulene at 110C

Flask Volume
  • 1 Liter – Welch 2034B-01
  • 2 Liter -Welch 2034B-01
  • 10 Liter -Welch 2025B-01
  • 20 Liter -Welch 20424B-01
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