Vacuum Pumps

The Right Vacuum Pump For Your Process

The wrong pump can make vacuum drying inefficient, expensive and can even run the risk of contaminating your product. Cascade Sciences stocks a wide variety of vacuum pumps for many different applications including bioscience, aerospace and pharmaceutical industry requirements.

Vacuum Pumps In Stock
  • Vacuum Ovens (Rotary Vane, Oil-Free Scroll and Diaphragm Pumps)
  • Rotary Evaporators
  • Winterization / Filtration
  • Distillation
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps
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  • Winterization Pumps

    Welch Vacuum Pumps Ideal For:
    > Filtration
    > Winterization
    > Buchner Funnel

  • Vacuum Oven Pumps

    Large Variety
    > Dry Scroll
    > Rotary Vane
    > Diaphragm
    > Agilent, Edwards, Welch
    > In Stock

  • Solvent Recovery Pumps

    Ideal for systems requiring solvent recovery
    > Explosion Proof
    > Aggressive Environments

  • Short Path Distillation Pumps

    > Deeper Vacuum
    > Tolerates Alcohols, Solvents
    > Powerful Flow Rates

  • Rotary Evaporation Pumps

    Ideal for rotary evaporators
    > Vacuum control avoids bumping
    > Chemical duty

  • Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps

    Certified & Rebuilt
    > All Makes & Models
    > Save Money
    > Warranty

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