Our Most Popular Configurations

Save Money on Package Deals.

Cascade not only offers the best vacuum purge equipment available, but we’ve also done the work to put it all together for you.

Our turnkey TWO, FIVE and TEN Vacuum Purge Packages contain everything you need in Cascade’s most popular vacuum oven + pump + connection configurations.

Most packages include our MAX EVAP connection kits reduce purge and dry times with a full 1″ diameter, KF-25 exit port, lines, vacuum valve directly into a clean, oil-free, powerful pump.

American Made  & Certified At No Extra Cost

Cascade’s vacuum ovens are manufactured in Oregon, USA and come certified by the Nationally Recognized Test Lab TUV. This certification is a requirement by many municipalities.

Vacuum Drying Expertise

Contact us for expert direction on selecting vacuum purge packages – 503-847-9047. Visit our showroom in Hillsboro, Oregon to see our full selection of professional processing tools.