Vacuum Oven Accessories

Cascade Sciences offers a wide variety of vacuum oven accessories designed to fit the full line of Cascade branded vacuum ovens. Accessories include door gaskets, extra vacuum oven shelves, PTFE molded trays, mobile racks to help maximize floor space.

Our Accessories are Compatible with:

  • Cascade TEK: Models TVO-2, TVO-5
  • Cascade Sciences: Models CVO-2, TVO-5, and CVO-10
  • Cascade Botanical: Models TVO-2B, TVO-5B

Door Gaskets

Vacuum oven door gaskets wear out. Door gaskets are vital to a proper seal and good vacuum integrity, but over time, with heat and pressure, they degrade so it’s a good idea to keep extra ones on hand and to replace your door gaskets regularly.

TVO-2 Door Gaskets – Fit all Cascade brands of TVO-2
12” x 12” High Temp Silicone – Orange
12” x 12” Solvent Resistant BUNA – Black

TVO-5 Door Gaskets – Fit all Cascade brands of TVO-5
18” x 18” High Temp Silicone – Orange
18” x 18” Solvent Resistant BUNA – Black

Extra Vacuum Oven Shelves

Add extra shelves to make the most of your oven space. Adjustable mounting clips are included with our extra oven shelves, where necessary.

TVO-2 Extra Shelves – Fit all Cascade brands of TVO-2
1” High Stackable Shelf (temp probe clip or no-clip)
2” High Stackable Shelf
3.6” High Stackable Shelf

TVO-5 Extra Shelves – Fit all Cascade brands of TVO-5
Aluminum, includes 4 each mounting clips.

CVO-10 Extra Shelves
Aluminum. These shelves slide on rails inside the oven. Clips not necessary.

PTFE Molded Trays

Our food grade, chemical-resistant, molded PTFE trays are custom fit to the exact vacuum oven shelf size to allow for thinner distribution of product. Thinner distribution of product on the vacuum oven shelf can reduce purge times or even eliminate the need to “flip” slurries, extracts, viscous nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and botanical extracts.
TVO-2 PTFE Molded Trays
TVO-5 PTFE Molded Trays
CVO-10 PTFE Molded Trays

Mobile Racks

Maximize floor space and heavy duty casters allow for mobility to help keep the lab or production floor clean.
CVO-5 Double Stack Rack
CVO-10 Mobile Rack