CVO-10 Vacuum Oven on Stand



Model CVO-10 – A high production, large vacuum oven for low temp vacuum purging of sensitive materials. Pump and Connections Sold Separately.

Item No: CVO-10-L-S

Need A Complete CVO-10 Vacuum Drying or Purge System?

The CVO-10 PRO Package  pairs the CVO-10 with the clean, quiet, powerful Agilent IDP15 vacuum pump.

The CVO-5 DOUBLE UP Package  offers the same 10 cubic foot processing capacity, but in two ovens for smaller, multiple batch management.

Cascade’s Model CVO-10 offers incredible temperature stability for vacuum drying and purging of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, and slurries – especially temperature sensitive material. This vacuum oven liberates solvents, water, and other unwanted compounds. It’s ideal for large batch production environments.