TVO-2 Vacuum Purge Oven

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    Cascade’s TVO-2 Benchtop Vacuum Oven for Temperature Sensitive Products

    Cascade’s Model TVO-2 (also known as Model CVO-2) offers incredible temperature stability for vacuum drying and purging of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, slurries, or any temperature sensitive material. This vacuum oven liberates solvents, water, and other unwanted compounds. It’s ideal for small batch, R&D and laboratory environments.

    Processing Temperature Sensitive Material? The TVO-2 comes in both low temp & high temp versions.

    Be sure to get the low temp TVO-2 version that has excellent temperature uniformity for temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, slurries or any product that can be damaged or destroyed by temperature fluctuations.

    Low Temperature Processing Range:  26°F to 250°F (121°C)
    Temperature Uniformity: +/- 1.5°F @ 105°F (40.5°C)
    Temperature Stability: +/- 0.4°F @ 105°F(40.5°C)

    High Temperature Processing Range:  Up to  428°F / 220°C
    Temperature Uniformity: +/- 6.5% of setpoint

    At time of order we will verify the high / low temp version best suited to your requirements.


    TVO-2 Vacuum Oven Features
    • NRTL Certified by TUV
    • Flexible shelving configuration of 5 each 11.5″ x 19″  stackable shelves
    • Stable temperature control. Digital temperature readout with temp sensor INSIDE the oven
    • Solvent resistant BUNA door gasket
    • Bright LED lights in window for visibility of sensitive material
    • Digital vacuum gauge reads in inches of mercury
    • Smooth, quarter-turn vacuum and vent valves
    • Rear KF-25 port allows for rapid MAX EVAP purging or running feedthroughs inside oven for monitoring
    • 120V or 220V power options are available
    • Quality Tempered Rated Glass NGI-US to ANSI Z97.1.2007  156CFR/201 11  SGCC -2577 ½ UA
    • Adjustable leveling feet insure your unit sits solid and level in the workspace
    The Cascade Difference

    Vacuum ovens have been around for decades. Basic vacuum ovens are mass-produced and sold by many large scale laboratory equipment distributors. But there are key differences between Cascade and other less costly, often imported vacuum ovens:

    Exceptional Temperature Control & Stability
    The Cascade TVO-2 uses a unique control logic not found in most lab grade vacuum ovens. The temperature probe is INSIDE the oven, which minimizes temperature overshoot and delivers best-in-class temperature stability and uniformity particularly in the low temperature ranges. Accurate, stable temps throughout the TVO-2 eliminate hot and cold spots, making accurate use of every inch of shelf space.

    Independent Overtemp Failsafe Protection
    The Cascade Sciences TVO-2 is equipped with a heating cutoff system that will automatically stop power to the heaters when the oven shelf temps exceed 392°F or 200°C. This protection system will provide peace of mind for overnight processing or unattended vacuum bake outs.

    NRTL Certification #U8 170464972 077. No Extra cost.
    The TVO-2 Vacuum Oven comes certified by the Nationally Recognized Test Lab, TUV. This certification is a requirement by many municipalities.

    • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1:2012
    • +UPD No. 1:2015-07 + UPD No. 2:2016-04
    • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-2-010:2015
    • UL 61010-1:2012/R:2016-04
    • UL 61010-2-010:2015
    • EN 61010-1:2010
    • EN 61010-2-010:2014

    Rigorous Quality Assurance in an ISO Certified, USA Manufacturing Facility
    Cascade Sciences manufactures our ovens in Oregon, USA. We are proud of our ISO 9001 Certification/Accreditation. Each oven completes a series of quality assurance procedures before shipment:

    • Chambers are vacuum tested after welding for vacuum integrity
    • Electrical & mechanical safety is thoroughly tested in compliance with TUV requirements
    • Functional testing verifies user settable items consistent with most lab protocols/usage models
    • Temperature verification includes calibration & temp chamber uniformity following ASTM standards
    • Units are cleaned and packed in ISTA tested, certified packaging materials

    Digital Vacuum Gauge
    The digital vacuum gauge installed on the TVO-2 is factory default set to read in inches of mercury (“Hg) with a scale of 0 – 29.9”Hg. Change the unit of vacuum measurement to read in a wide variety of units from mmHg, bar psi, kPa, cm2, mmH20. Zero out the vacuum gauge to calibrate for just above sea level adjustments.

    Log Temperature & Vacuum With Data Port
    The TVO-2 features a rear mounted data port which outputs a digital log line once per minute. Viewing/logging this data requires terminal emulator software such as the open source (BSD License) emulator Tera Term.

    Equipped for Inert Gas Backfill. Built-In Safety Relief
    Introduce inert gasses such as nitrogen, argon, helium, etc. as part of your process via the ¼” rear vent barb. The maximum backfill pressure is 15PSI. In an overpressure situation, a simple, built-in safety relief allows gasses to escape via a spring loaded tempered window.

    Flexible Pumping / Feedthru Connection Ports
    The TVO-2 ovens offer two different vacuum oven connection points. The standard connection is a 3/8th dia barb located at the rear of the oven. It is connected to the vacuum valve level on the front control panel. For even faster evaporation, purging or drying consider upgrading to the MAX EVAP connection kit. The MAX EVAP connection kit secures to the oven’s rear 1” dia KF-25 port located on the back center of the chamber. The MAX EVAP connection never reduces flow by continuing with 1” diameter vacuum rated clear lines, a 1” dia KF-25 side mounted vacuum valve and KF-25 fittings and hardware. This KF-25 port can also be used to run temperature feedthrus, or monitoring sensors inside the vacuum chamber during processing.

    Stackable Shelf Design For Maximum Temperature Conduction
    Under vacuum, there is no air inside a vacuum oven. Temperatures are achieved by a process of conduction and radiation to move temperatures into the product inside the oven. Cascade’s stackable shelf design makes the most of this opportunity by making the chamber longer and narrower, rather than square and supplies stackable shelfs in multiple height configurations to allow for the fastest, most uniform transfer of heat.

    Ergonomically Designed, Easy Quarter-Turn Valves
    For anyone that has struggled with consistently turning the small, round, low-quality vacuum/vent valves, relief is in sight. You will love our large, quarter-turn vacuum/vent valves. Your wrists will thank you!

    ANSI Rated Tempered Glass + USA Made Steel
    Cascade ovens are made in Oregon, USA with high quality materials. Our glass is NGI-USA Tempered and certified to ANSI Z97.1.2007  16CFR / 201 11. Our door handles are rugged brushed steel, not plastic. Our vacuum vessels are constructed with American made steel. We’ve tried lower cost, imported steel, but over time, vacuum chambers made of lesser quality/lower tolerance material cannot withstand the flex and pressure changes of vacuum pumping/venting/purging. This can deteriorate vacuum integrity and the oven will lose its ability to hold vacuum.

    Door Gasket Options – Ideal For Your Process
    Cascade’s vacuum ovens come standard with a solvent resistant BUNA door gasket. For higher temp applications, we offer a cured Silicone gasket as well. Ask us about the variety of door gaskets we can supply based on your application:  Silicone, BUNA, Viton, Flourasilicone. Gaskets will eventually wear out. It’s ideal to keep a few spares on hand.

    Need A Complete Vacuum Drying or Purge System?

    Cascade has taken the guess work out of pairing the right vacuum oven with the proper pump. We offer two complete TVO-2 vacuum oven packages that have everything you need to begin vacuum drying. Both systems feature clean, quiet, Agilent oil-free scroll pumps.

    The TVO-2 STANDARD Package is an ideal benchtop set up for vacuum drying or purging temp sensitive material requiring a steady, gentle, non-turbulent purge.

    The TVO-2 PRO Package is ideal for higher thru-put, faster purge times pulling deeper vacuum.

    Configure Your Own Vacuum Purge Set-Up

    Pick from a wide variety of pumps and accessories and build your custom TVO-2 package!

    Have questions?

    Call 503-847-9047 extension #1 for expert direction on selecting your vacuum oven packages.

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    Free Shipping Note: When ordering online, shipping is free! The TVO-2 Vacuum Oven is shipped as heavy freight. Delivery to residences or no-forklift locations can add up to $120 for liftgate services. At time of order, Cascade will contact you to arrange your specific delivery requirements.



    View TVO-2 (CVO-2) Complete Specs


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    View Vacuum Oven NRTL Certification


  • Specifications
    Print Specifications Print Specifications

    Model TVO-2 (CVO-2)


    1.67 Cubic Ft. / 47.2 Liters

    12”W x 20”D x 12”H
    305mm x 508mm x 305mm

    18.8” W x 24.5” D x 24.5”H
    478mm x 622mm x 622mm


    Low-Temp Processing Range: 26°F to 250°F (121°C)
    Temperature Uniformity: +/- 1.5°F @ 105°F (40.5°C)
    Temperature Stability: +/- 0.4°F @ 105°F(40.5°C)

    High-Temp Processing Range: Up to  428°F / 220°C
    Temperature Uniformity: +/- 6.5% of setpoint

    Note that ambient laboratory conditions can affect temp performance.

    The TVO-2 (CVO-2) comes in both low temp and high temp versions. The low temp version has excellent temperature uniformity for temperature sensitive material. The higher temp version, 220°C has a uniformity about 6.5% of setpoint. At time of order we will verify the high / low temp version you require.


    Sold Separately by Cascade

    Complete Oven + Pump Packages Available from Cascade


    ¼ Turn Lever


    ¼ Turn Lever


    LED Strips (Rated to 150C)


    Tempered NGI-US to ANSI Z97.1.2007


    Digital. 0 to 29.9”Hg
    Reads in mmHg, bar psi, kPa, cm2, mmH20


    Digital Set Point
    Accurate Within 1°F
    Independent Overtemp Failsafe

    PORTS (Rear)

    Vacuum = 3/8th Barb
    Vent = ¼” Barb
    Auxiliary KF-25 Port
    Data:  Log temp & vacuum levels


    Yes. Via ¼” Vent Barb
    15 psi max inlet pressure


    110V – 120V / 1ph / 6A  50/60Hz
    Cord Included
    NEMA 5-15 Power Outlet
    Full Power 2456 BTU/hr

    220V – 240V / 1ph / 4A 50/60Hz
    Cord Included
    NEMA 6-15R Power Outlet
    Full Power 3275 BTU/hr


    Comes with 5 in a flexible configuration
    1” High = 1 each
    2” High = 2 each
    3” high = 2 each
    Surface Area: 12″W x 19.5″D
    Weight Capacity: 50 lbs


    12” x 12”

    Comes with Solvent Resistant BUNA Standard rated to 221°F to 105°C

    Compatible With:
    High Temp Silicone rated to 446°F to 230°C

    Viton rated to 401°F to 205°C


    148 lbs / 67.1 Kg
    Shipping Weight: 183 lbs / 83 Kg


    33”L x 33”W x 47”H
    Class 85


    ISO 9001
    NRTL TUV #U8 170464972 077
    CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1:2012
    + UPD No. 1:2015-07 + UPD No. 2:2016-04
    CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-2-010:2015
    UL 61010-1:2012/R:2016-04
    UL 61010-2-010:2015
    EN 61010-1:2010
    EN 61010-2-010:2014


    1 Year (gaskets not included)


    Questions? Call 503-847-9075 x1