Kinematica ShearSTAR 2500 Homogenize Package 2L Coarse – Fine



Item No: 11090910

ShearSTAR 2500E Homogenizer Package

The ShearSTAR 2500E is ideal for bench homogenization of volumes up to 2 Liters requiring coarse to fine particle size.

ShearSTAR 2500E Coarse to Fine Package Includes:

  • Kinematica PT-MR 2500E Motor in 115V/ 1ph (Part Number 11010058)
  • Motor Stand with Plate ST-P20/600 (Part number 11040051)
  • Shear Generator PT-DA 25/2 EC-E192 (Part number 11030264)
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Optional UL CSA Field Certification Available