Kinematica PT 10-35 GT with 36mm Generator
Ideal for 4 – 10 Liter Batches

Turnkey system includes:
• Econline Stand
• Standard Dispersing Aggregate 36mm
• PT-10-35 Motor, 1200 Watts Drive Power

Cascade Exclusive! If the included rotor stator / dispersing aggregate is not ideal for your requirements, Cascade will exchange it for a different aggregate at no charge!

The Kinematica PT 10-35 GT is ideal for homogenizing 4-10 Liter batches of lotion, cream and foodstuffs. The spinning rotor generates a vacuum. The individual particles/droplets are torn apart, reducing their size. Droplets, particles and gas bubbles are reduced to several micrometers or smaller. With variable speed control and EasyClean™ design, the Kinematica PT 10-35 GT is a perfect for those looking to create superior results in applications such as: culinary, cosmetic, nutraceutical and more.