Distimatic Automatic Module

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    Heidolph Distimatic Control Module Automatic 24/7 Evaporation

    • Part Number 036064600 
    • For Hei-VAP 20 Liter Rotary Evaporators with A Series or A1C Glassware
    • Includes On-Site Installation & Training from Heidolph

    Take your Heidolph rotary evaporator to the next level with the addition of the Distimatic Automatic Control Module.  Increase product thru-put by distilling in a continuous and unattended manner overnight and during the weekend.

    Throughput Example with Ethanol

    The Distimatic running the Heidolph 20L Industrial Rotary Evaporator can throughput approximately 300 Liters in a 24 hour period.

    Part number 036064600 is designed for Heidolph 20 Liter Rotary Evaporators with A Series Glassware.  At time of order, Cascade will contact you to confirm your glassware set is compatible with this part number. If not, Cascade will sub in the appropriate Distimatic part number.

    Distimatic Features:

    • Separate Control Panel
    • Digital Display
    • Automatic Refill
    • Automatic Condensate Discharge
    • Automatic Drainage of Residue


    The Distimatic system is sensor controlled. In case of an emergency, the safety-interlock turns system off.  There is also an emergency STOP button that operators can easily access.  For the ultimate in facility and operators safety, placing the rotovap under a fume hood can assure a high safety level.


    • Adjust setting according to individual needs
    • Automatic residual drainage for continuous, unattended distillation
    • Process automatically stops when evaporation is complete


    With the Distimatic, select between Sensor Mode and Time Mode.

    When running in Sensor Mode, refill and drainage are automatically sensor controlled and you can set the fill level. The refilling of the flask is controlled under vacuum and valve control. A sensor monitors the quantity of solvent and powers off the unit once completely processed.

    When running in Time-Mode, all parameters are pre-programmed for automatic time intervals.  The process will power off once the pre-programmed number of cycles has been achieved.


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    Heidolph Distimatic


    Class IP54


    (Without Mounted Components)
    300mm W x 200mm D x 120mm H
    11.81″W x 7.87″D x 4.72″H


    5Kg / 11 Lbs


    3500 Watts
    Overvoltage Category 2


    <80 dB(A)


    5C – 31C at 80% Relative Humidity (RH)
    32C – 40C at linearly decilinling RH to a max of 50% RH