HBX Green 5L Benchtop Package

  • $18,997.00


    Heidolph’s HBX Green Package is the professional choice for 3 to 5 liter rotary evaporation. The automated vacuum control allows for “walk away” distillation, rather than having a dedicated person controlling the vacuum. When vacuum levels are manually controlled but not consistently monitored, the vacuum pump can be quickly destroyed and solvent recovery is much less efficient. The HBX Green Package eliminates that risk.

    Heidolph is also famous for its leading safety standards, ease of use and quality that lasts. Expect low cost of ownership and a lifespan of 10 -15 years. 3 year warranty. Schedule a demo at our showroom today!

    Product Description


    Vapor tube with patented clamping sleeve

    • The patented clamping sleeve system allows easy removal of the vapor tube from the drive
    • Years of performance life reduce your spare parts budget up to 75%
    • The Hei-VAP vapor tube does not get stuck in the drive, thus eliminating the risk of broken glass
    • Immediate removal of the vapor tube from the drive facilitates your work

    Patented flask clamp Easy-Clip

    • Easy-Clip can’t get lost due to a direct connection to the drive
    • The integrated screw thread allows an easy removal of sticking flasks
    • The Easy-Clip is made of highly resistant synthetic material which ensures a long life performance

    Operating Panel

    • Changing all parameters from outside closed fume hoods guarantees the highest safety level
    • Standard for all models is a panel with 1 m cable connection. Thus data security is guaranteed at any time
    • Immediate access to the panel ensures ultimate control of the process while increasing your ease of use
    • A separate on/off switch for heating prevents unintentional heat-up – the button is illuminated for visual control


    Free Shipping Note:  Heidolph’s 5 Liter Benchtop Rotary Evaporator is shipped as heavy freight. Delivery to residences or no-forklift locations will add $120 for liftgate service.  Cascade will contact you to arrange your specific delivery requirements.

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