5L Nutsche Filter Reactor Complete Package



5 Liter Nutsche Filter Reactor Complete Package

Turnkey system ideal for bench-scale reactions, crystallization, isolate reactions.  Capable of at least two runs in a 8-hour day, 1 Liter to 4 Liter of distillate and solvent for each run.

Superior glass from Asahi allows for the flexibility of both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE (vacuum) reactions, with a temperature range of -90°C to +200°C (-130ºF to +392ºF) and a huge temperature delta of 110°C to prevent breakage.

 System Includes:
  • 5L Jacketed Nutsche Filter from Asahi Glass with hook-on protective shield
  • 5 each PTFE Membrane filters, LAMINATED, 0.45 MICRON, 300X300mm
  • Heidolph Precision 200 for stirring/agitation in both directions
  • Temperature Control by Huber’s Ministat 230 Circulating Bath
  • All Huber Connection Hardware and Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Cascade Sciences MAXTRAP50 Cold Trap -50°C with Carboy on Mobile Stand
  • Agilent IDP3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump – Clean, Quiet and Oil Free
  • All Vacuum Connection Hardware
  • On-Site Installation and Training

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