5L Bench-Top Nutsche Filter System



Item No: 1600029935

This Turnkey 5 Liter Nutsche Filter Reactor Complete Package system is ideal for bench-scale reactions, crystallization, isolate reactions.  Capable of at least two runs in a 8-hour day, 1 Liter to 4 Liter of distillate and solvent for each run.

Superior glass from Asahi allows for the flexibility of both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE (vacuum) reactions, with a temperature range of -90°C to +200°C (-130ºF to +392ºF) and a huge temperature delta of 110°C to prevent breakage.

  • Vacuum filtration with a clean, quiet oil-free pump.  Since the system is capable of vacuum, it is also capable of maintaining an inert internal atmosphere, which reduces contamination
  • Excellent  solvent recovery
  • The Reactor is a closed system, preventing vapors to off-gas into laboratory
  • Safe to touch. The Reactor is jacketed, while heat transfer surfaces maintain temperature