150L Crystal Production System

Item No: CPS-150L

Ideal For Large Volume Crystallization

Makes CBD & CBG Crystals

McGrane Lab Systems has partnered with Cascade Sciences to develop the CPS-150 System that is ideal for large volume crystallization. The system includes a jacketed reactor tank with precision temperature control, a cold trap, an air compressor to aide in transferring material, and two mixing tanks for continuous processing and efficient flow.  Installation is included!

System Features
• Runs 25-30kg distillate in 12/hr run
• Capable of crystallizing CBD or CBG
• Patent-pending Crystal Breaker for easy crystal removal
• Crystals can be dried in unit
• Closed-loop operation
• Peer-Reviewed / State Certifications
• NRTL Certified Mechanical Components

Required Consumables
• Isopropyl Alcohol
• Pentane, Heptane, or Hexane
• CBD or CBG Distillate

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