CVO-10 PRO Package
High production, large vacuum oven for vacuum purging  production quanties with a clean, quiet and powerful Agilent IDP15 oil-free scroll pump. Our largest 10 cubic foot vacuum oven complete with the Agilent IDP15 9 cfm oil-free scroll pump. Designed for high production vacuum drying and purging with deep vacuum and large off-gas loads.

The entire system is set on an industrial grade mobile rack for easy of mobility and to aid in keeping the lab clean.

Vacuum oven and pump are connected via our MAX EVAP connection kit – giving water, solvents, surfactants, any outgassing material the largest exit path off the product and out of the oven. The MAX EVAP connection kit features a large 1″ diameter oven exit port, KF-25 lines and a KF-25 precision adjustable vacuum valve to reduce purge and dry times.