Welch 2042 & Chemstar Vacuum Pump Rebuild Tool



Item No: 826801-16

Welch 2042 & Chemstar Vacuum Pump Rebuild Tool

Make your Welch Model 2042 and Chemstar Dry Vacuum pump rebuilds easier with this special spanner tool.
Welch #826801-16 is rebuild tool for 2042 and similar Welch-USA manufactured pumps, including Chemstar Dry’s membrane pump models 2060 and 2070. These Welch pump models using a molded membrane that threads into the connecting rod.

This spanner tool has a single-handle and the jaws of the spanner portion pivot about 5 inches up from the handle. The spanner tool has nibs that go up into holes on the metal portion of the membrane underside, where you can then rotate CCW to unthread the membrane, which was installed using Purple Loctite.