CVO-5 TURBO Vacuum Oven Package - CVO-5 Vac Oven + Agilent IDP15

Cascade CVO-5 TURBO Vacuum Package


Item No: CVO-5-TURBOPkg-220V

Complete 5 Cu ft benchtop vacuum drying system built for fast purging. The CVO-5 TURBO Package allows for the most capacity (8 shelves) and a very powerful, oil-free, quiet Agilent IDP15, 9cfm vacuum pump.

Vacuum oven and pump are connected via our MAXEVAP connection – giving outgassing material the largest exit path off the product and out of the oven. The MAXEVAP connection kit features a large 1″ diameter oven exit port, KF-25 lines and vacuum valve to reduce dry times.

The CVO-5 TURBO Package is available in Stainless Steel.