CDO-28 Dry & Decarb Oven, Stainless Exterior, Nitrogen Purge


Item No: CDO-28-SS-N2-CS 

Cascade Sciences’ CDO-28 Dry & Decarb Oven is purpose-built for large-scale, industrial drying & decarboxylation of material with additional features:

  • 28 Cu Ft interior
  • Stainless steel exterior for GMP, cleanliness compliance
  • Nitrogen purge allows for inert atmosphere inside oven, preventing oxidation, driving off moisture and further improves dry time by displacing humidity in circulating air
  • Built-in Humidity Sensor assists in dryness targets
  • 6 each stay-in-place sliding extension shelves
  • 6 each FDA & temperature rated fine micron mesh bags for ground material – Use of mesh bags is required to prevent oven contamination, material loss and best safety practices.
  • NRTL Certification