VITON Door Gasket, CVO-2, TVO-2, 12 x 12



Item No: 3450670

VITON Door Gasket, CVO-2, TVO-2, 12″ x 12″

These 12″ x 12″  viton black colored door gaskets fit all Cascade 2 cubic foot vacuum ovens.  Viton is a popular low-outgassing material. These vacuum oven door gaskets max temp of 150°C / 302°F.

VITON is a type of FKM, a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer (ASTM D1418 and ISO 1629). VITON the standard gasket material of choice for clean, low outgassing applications in aerospace, food and medial industries.  They perform well up against outgassing oils, fuels, and mineral acids.  VITON has excellent resistance to UV, fungus, molds and overall oxidation.

Cascade loves Viton gaskets because of the low outgassing rate.  Typical initial degassing rates for Viton are reported to be close to 1 x 10-6 Torr-liter/cm2-s, with a 0.07% weight loss after over 336 hours of vacuum exposure.  With an outgass rate that low, VITON is the gold standard for super clean applications.

*The name VITON is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company