CVAC 9.3 PRO Package with MAXTRAP50 – High Temp Vacuum Oven with Cold Trap


Item No: CVAC 9.3-2-Pro50

Cascade Sciences’ CVAC 9.3 includes a programmable Watlow controller, a digital vacuum gauge and as a safety, a secondary independent high limit controller to help protect against temperature run-away. Ideal for industrial sized, high temp vacuum drying with a clean, quiet, oil-free vacuum pump and -50°C mechanically refrigerated cold trap.

  • 9 aluminum shelves on sliding rack for stay-in-place extension  27.5″ Wide x 23.5″D
  • Interior Dimensions of 28″ × 24″ × 24″
  • Temperature performance range of Ambient +15°C to 220°C
  • NRTL Certified.  Made in USA
  • Energize The Vacuum Pump From the Control Panel