Overhead Stir Kit

  • $4,000.00


    When magnetic stirring is not enough, Cascade Sciences has assembled Heidolph’s most popular, powerful overhead stirring components into a single kit. This kit comes with everything you need to increase the power and productivity of stirring tasks – including Heidolph’s 3 year warranty and leading safety standards. Save almost $300 over Heidolph list prices plus free shipping on this special kit from Cascade.


    • IP54 rated to protect against corrosion and short circuits
    • Smooth start prevents spilling/splashing
    • Safe, non-sparking motors
    • Build for continuous operation, with high thermal load safety cut off
    • Quiet, below 50dB

    Overhead Stir Kit includes:

    • hei-TORQUE Value 400 Motor, 115V
    • Pitched Blade Impeller for Axial Flow
    • Universal Stand and Clamp


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