Lab Armor Thermal Beads 4 Liter

  • $283.00

    Update Water Baths & Ice Buckets with Beads

    Replace Messy, Melting Ice

    Lab Armor® Beads are small, dry, metallic thermal beads designed to replace water in laboratory water baths and ice in ice buckets. Their high thermal conductivity technology is patented. Eliminates the mess of melting, condensation. Reduces on-going ice consumption.

    Freeze and re-freeze!  These thermal beads will retain temperatures and do not melt.  Improve lab cleanliness when using thermal beads in place of fluid in water baths.



    4 Liter Capacity – Lab Armor SKU# 42370-004

    • Moisture and gas impermeable
    • Non-toxic, non-vaporizing material
    • Improves energy efficiency of standard water baths by over 50%
    • Recyclable!


  • Specifications

    Lab Armor Thermal Beads

    4 Liters

    SKU# 42370-004