Heidolph Precision 400 Overhead Stir Package

  • $4,650.00

    Hei-TORQUE Precision 400 Package Offers Turnkey Overhead Stirring with Upgraded Control

    Overhead stirring is more powerful than magnetic stirring and is ideal for larger quantities of high viscosity material.  It is also an effective way to allow trapped solvents, such as ethanol to escape from slurries or mixtures. When magnetic stirring is not enough, Cascade Sciences has assembled Heidolph’s most popular, powerful overhead stirring components into a single kit.

    The Hei-TORQUE Precision 400 Package comes with everything you need to increase the power and productivity of stirring tasks – including Heidolph’s 3 year warranty and leading safety standards.

    Save over Heidolph list prices plus free shipping on this complete set up from Cascade.

    • Largest Display
    • Pre-Programmed Profiles
    • Precise Value RPM Display
    • Torque Graph
    • RS 232 or USB interface to Process Data
    • Counter / Timer Function
    Heidolph Offers Quality for Laboratory Environments

    If your laboratory environment deals with aggressive fumes, liquids, and vapors – Heidolph’s stirring motors have a sealed housing to prevent internal degradation and corrosion. The sealed panel is made of glass and the magnetic Smart-Knob makes the entire housing tight. IP54 rated for protection against water splashing from any direction and dust particle ingress.

    While any off the shelf overhead stirring motors run above 60dB, Heidolph’s stir motors operate at approx 50dB.


    • IP54 rated to protect against corrosion and short circuits
    • Smooth start prevents spilling/splashing
    • Safe, non-sparking motors
    • Build for continuous operation, with high thermal load safety cut off
    • Quieter, below 50dB.  Other units run approx 60dB
    • Over-temperature safety circuits for continuous operation
    Pitch Blade Impeller
    • Recommended for  average or high speed
    • Mixing tasks with medium or high viscosity
    • Excellent  for homogenization and suspensions
    • Creates an axial flow
    Heidolph Overhead Stir Kit Includes:
    • hei-TORQUE Precision 400 Motor, 115V
    • Pitched Blade Impeller for Axial Flow
    • Universal Stand and Clamp
    • Advanced
    • Counter /Timer


    Save Money With Basic Simple Control Heidolph Value 400 Package

    The Heidolph Value 400 Package is the same in everyway except for a slightly smaller control panel with the torque indicator displaying as a symbol, not a precise value. There is also no timer/counter function.


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  • Specifications
    Print Specifications Print Specifications
    036093150 (115V)

    Input 150 Watts
    Output 90 Watts
    2 Gears


    Indicator – Precise Value
    400 Ncm Max
    RPM 2000


    250,000 mPas

    STIRRING (H20)



    Part Number

    Pitched-Blade Impeller
    Stainless Steel AISI 316Ti

    58mm diameter
    400mm long

    Shaft Diameter

    5.6 Kg (12.34lbs)


    13mm Dia
    160mm Length


    93mm W x 328mm H x 241mm D


    DIN EN 61010-1:2001
    DIN EN 61010-2-051:2015
    IP54 Ingress Protection