PUREPATH KIT A Upgrade – Mechanically Refrigerated Cold Traps


Includes Installation & Delivery in U.S. (excludes AK, HI)

PUREPATH 100 KIT A – Upgrade

Upgrade to the PUREPATH 100 KIT A – Glass Cold Traps with Mechanical Refrigeration!

    KIT A can be installed at any time onto the PUREPATH 100 configuration with the dual glass traps.  The two Huber units can plug directly into the PUREPATH’s fused electrical box running on the 120V – 240V 1ph circuit.  Or, the two units can be powered on independent 120V 1ph circuits.

KIT A Includes:

  • Huber MiniChill 600 (-20°C Recirculating Bath) Chills Glass Condensing Coil Trap, includes 5 gal. BioFrost Coolant
  • Huber TC100 (-100°C Immersion Coil) Chills Glass Trap Insert (No More Dry Ice!)
  • Cold Trapping for 1L Trap Collection Flasks (2 each)
  • UL Listed
  • 2 each 8′ Insulated Hoses