Mesh Bags for Model CDO-5 Dry & Decarb Oven

  • $50.00

    Fine Micron Mesh Bags for CDO-5  Dry & Decarb Oven
    • Insure drying or decarboxylation is done thoroughly & uniformly
    • Keep turbulent powders, ground material neat inside the oven
    These mesh bags will fit all 5 cubic foot Cascade laboratory forced air ovens
    • Cascade TEK Models TFO-5 & TEK-5
    • Cascade Sciences Model CDO-5


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    CDO-5 Mesh Bag Features
    • Temperature resistant, Non-outgassing
    • Designed to fit the shelves on the CDO-5 Drying Oven
    • Less Mess. Very fine mesh keeps drying neat
    • Allows for airflow thru entire product during decarboxylation or drying process
    • Works in any kitchen convection / forced air laboratory oven
    • Sewn with love in Oregon, USA.  Supporting our local small businesses


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  • Specifications


    FDA Resin Grade Compliant Polypropylene

    595 Micron Mesh Size
    24% open area
    0.018 x 0.018 hole size inches



    21.5” Wide

    14.5” Deep



    Approx 2.5lbs of medium ground material, 1″ thick



    Softens at 305F

    Melts at 363F