SKU: HE-1801010270

MR Hei-Tec Plate, 145mm

Stirring and heating with Pt1000

Hei-Tec is the classic model among magnetic stirrers. It enables users to gently stir up to 1,400 rpm and to heat up to a temperature of 300°C with a high degree of precision. These features, along with its robust construction and sophisticated functionalities such as key illumination, encompass our mantra of “Research made easy!“

The patented Kera-Disk® footprint made of anodized aluminum, is chemically resistant, scratch-proof, and has a diameter of 145 mm. This unique size makes it suitable for use with many accessories and samples on a small footprint. The material used also enables the fastest heating times.

The Hei-Tec magnetic stirrer provides a digital display for setting your desired temperature exactly to the degree. This precise temperature without overshooting is controlled by two selectable heating modes (FAST/PRECISE) and the optional external temperature sensor Pt1000.