Stirring Bucket Bath, Low Viscosity Material - Cascade Sciences

Stirring Bucket Bath, Low Viscosity Material


Keep 5 gallon buckets of low viscosity material warm, uniform and in the Cascade Sciences’ stirring bucket bath. This deep chamber (30L) water bath supports a 5 gallon bucket* with powerful overhead stirring that allows for outgassing. Max temp 80ºC.

Package Includes:

  • Cascade Sciences’ 30L Deep Chamber Water Bath, 115V / 1ph, NRTL Certified
  • Heidolph’s Hei-TORQUE CORE overhead stir motor for low viscosity material
  • Heidolph’s Universal Clamp, Support Rods and Brackets attach the stir assembly to the bath
  • PR-30 propeller ideal for medium to high viscosity

*5 gallon bucket is not included