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Standard 3/8″ Connection – KF-16 Flange & Clamp



Item No: STD-3/8-CONN-KF-16

 3/8″ Vacuum Hose Connection Kit With KF-16 to 3/8th Hose Barb

Suitable for Cascade vacuum oven models CVO-2, CVO-5, TVO-2, TVO-5, and most vacuum oven models with a 3/8th tube stub from the vacuum oven and a KF-16 inlet flange on the vacuum pump.

This connection kit is ideal for vacuum pumps with KF-16 inlet flanges:


  • KF-16 Flange with 3/8″ Tube Stub
  • KF-16 Clamp
  • KF-16 Centering Ring
  • 4′ of 3/8″ vacuum rated, flexible clear tubing
  • 2 each crimp clamps for secure connections