Cascade Sciences CVO-2 Vacuum Oven - 2 Cu Ft Benchtop Vacuum Oven

CVO-2 Vacuum Oven


Item No: CVO-2 (120V)
Item No: CVO-2-2 (220V)

Model CVO-2 offers incredible temperature stability for vacuum drying and purging of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, slurries, or any temperature sensitive material. This vacuum oven liberates solvents, water, and other unwanted compounds in small batch, R&D and lab environments. NRTL Certified.

Operating Range:  Ambient +10ºC to 150°C (Ambient +18°F to 300°F)

Benchtop Size: 1.47 Cubic Ft (47.2L) 12″W x 20″D x 12″H