50L Decarb Reactor Package, Agilent Vacuum Pump, Huber Temp Control

50L Industrial Jacketed Reactor Packages

Item No: 50L-DCARB-Pkg-A (air motor)
Item No: 50L-DCARB-Pkg-E (electric motor)

Cascade Sciences’ 50L Industrial Reactor Package is a jacketed glass vessel ideal for reactions or decarbing large batches of crude.


Prevent Breakage – Stainless steel reactor top

Complete Coverage – Top/middle/bottom PTFE stir blades

Easy Mobility – Steel frame with locking casters

Highest Quality – USA made glass, Huber Temp Control

Package Includes:

  • Large condensing coil with 12L receiving flask to capture solvents with optional cooling system
  • All temp control fluid, hoses, connection hardware

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