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Cold Trap Optimized For Demanding, High-Throughput Vacuum Applications
Don’t slow down the vacuum purge. Cascade’s MAXTRAP is a mechanically refrigerated cold trap with large KF-25 fittings and lines and a patent pending baffle system to afford enough surface area to trap optimally. Designed for systems with larger KF-25 vacuum lines and vacuum pumps with KF-25 inlets running time-sensitive, high-throughput, production-focused vacuum purging or drying applications.


The COLDWELL is the stainless steel jar that sets inside the MAXTRAP.
It has a patent-pending baffle system that provides more surface area for material to condense. If you are not using the MAXTRAP, the COLDWELL can be placed inside an ice bucket to provide the cold temps necessary for condensation. For optimal performance, purchase the MAXTRAP which includes the COLDWELL.