Cold Traps - Cascade Sciences

It’s A Trap!

There are numerous vacuum pump traps on the market and everyone agrees they are a best practice tool for preserving/extending vacuum pump life or the time between vacuum pump maintenance.

Why you should consider a vacuum pump trap in between your vacuum oven and vacuum pump:
Traps help prolong the life of your pump. Vacuum pumps ingest all the outgassing material (solvents, water, etc.) Over time and without routine maintenance, the vacuum pump will lose efficiency.

Traps can help isolate outgassed material you want to reclaim. But keep in mind, a trap will trap a mix of everything, the stuff you want to keep and the stuff you want to dispose of.

Safety. At very cold temperatures, solvents and even oxygen can re-condense back into liquid. This is potentially explosive. Liquid oxygen is a light blue color and can condense into a cold trap if a pump has sucked air through the trap when the trap is very cold. Always follow your standard operating procedures and safety guidelines.