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Measuring Moisture Content– Slow/Simple v. Fast/Accurate

Moisture Content

Measuring Moisture Content – Slow/Simple vs Fast/Accurate Measuring moisture content is a necessary, often mandated requirement in many industries like pharmaceutical, aerospace, food, and cannabis.  From meeting testing requirements, ensuring moisture content accuracy, identifying potential presence of unsafe microbial contamination, determining bio-mass buy/sell weights, there are many critical reasons to effectively measure biomass moisture content.  […]

Lab Baths – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Lab baths

Let’s start with the ugly – oil baths.  Oil baths are used for reactions that require heating/reflux temperatures up to 200°C. Oil baths are made of an aluminum or stainless-steel pan, a heavy porcelain dish or thick-walled glass to withstand breakage and accidental spillage. They do provide uniform heating; however, they expose users to physical hazards including hot temperatures and fire, severe skin burns, serious splattering from accidental addition of water/condensation, […]